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Interior equipment for the operating room

SGP panel

Steel Gypsum Board Panel

SGP (Steel Gypsum Board Panel)

Surface: Non-electrostatic zinc-plated galvanized steel (EGI + non-electrostatic coating paint) 0.5 mm + plain gypsum board (12.5 mm)
Space Division of Load-Free Walls by Building

  • Insulation wall panels and fireproof fire wall structural panels

  • Manufactured using prefabricated construction for easy dismantling or moving / Excellent heat and sound insulation / Built-in work such as electrical switches and outlets

  • Modular walls are used in many types of architecture.

  • The frame is formed by the wall structure.

  • The color of the wall is available in a variety of choices.

  • The wall using non-electrostatic paint prevents static electricity and prevents accidents caused by static electricity that may occur during surgery.

  • It provides a practical internal structure with a high-quality appearance and a highly useful arrangement of instruments.

Color & Patterns

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Custom color





Wood pattern

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Wood 2

Wood 3

Wood 4

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