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Clean Room System

Clean Room System

Clean Room System

Clean Room Design Guide


Clean room consists of Air Shower (for removal of dusts), Pass Box (for control to the indoor pressure), clean and clean locker (for safekeeping of the goods and packages) Thus, one have to understand the function of each equipment.

Control to Working Persons and Materials

Working persons and materials carried in clean room mainly raise dust.
Working persons have to know the basic knowledge for clean room.

Cleanliness level

Cleanliness level of clean room is determined by the type of air flow, the number of ventilation and indoor pressure.


Equipment which supply an energy have to be Equipment which supply an energy have to be flow, the flexibility of Layout,
Besides, one should pay an attention not to decrease the cleanliness level for a maintenance.

Safety & Emergency Plan

Provision against a fire and a gas leak is required because clean room is shut tightly. For the equipment affected by a power failure, the use of emergency power source should be examined.

Structure & Materials

Indoor surface have to be smooth in order to maintain the air flow and to prevent a dust from being piled up.
For the selelction of the materials, the low level of dust appearance and easiness of detaching the particles adsorbed on the materials have to be considered.
In special case, the materials having chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance are used.

Patterns of Air Flow

Laminar flow type (horizontal, vertical), Turbulent flow type, mixed type, tunnel type.


Lay-out is to be organized in consideration for the working efficiency and cleanliness level.
Work raising dust is to be separated from other works. (The entrance, passageway, utility and maintenance have to be considered.)

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