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Medical Gas Secondary Equipment

Thoracic suction unit

Suction for chest drainage

Suction for chest drainage

DUMED Thoracic suction unit is a lightweight, compact unit used throughout the hospital for chest and mediastinal drainage. The unit has a double chamber, which provides an adjustable vacuum of 0 to 25cmHg and housed in double polycarbonate bottle.
One chamber is using a water manometer with water level, the other serving as the underwater seal for negative pressure control.
This unit is standardizing throughout the hospital from ER to Recovery, ICU where need the low pressure continuously.

  • Medical suction aspirator used to regulate the vacuum suction pressure

  • Pressure gauge, adapter, pressure regulator, suction bottle, bottle hanger

  • Lightweight structure

  • Impact-resistant plastic

  • Easy to clean

  • Gauges with three color codes from 0 to 300 mmHg

  • Integral bellows type gauge

  • Suction control handle

  • ON/OFF, increase/decrease

  • 3 modes of regulatory control (REG / OFF / FULL)

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