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Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Oxygen generator system

Liquid oxygen storage tank

Liquid oxygen storage tank

DUMED liquid oxygen storage tank is an economical and convenient cryogenic device.

  • The liquid oxygen stored in the tank is vaporized and then delivered to patients and medical devices through the manifold.

  • Storage and container (installed in a separate medical gas storage room in hospital facilities)
    (It is a storage in which medical gas is installed in vaporizer, liquid gas storage tank, and gas cylinder, and it is delivered to medical equipment and gas terminal through piping, respectively.)

  • Double-line pressure regulator

  • High-pressure regulator

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Easy maintenance and installation

  • Manual device manifolds can also be ordered.

Medical oxygen generator
(compact type)

Medical oxygen generator (compact type)

DUMED generator is specialized for limited size hospitals and geriatric hospitals. This equipment includes a small power generating compressor and a thruster with increased pressure.

  • Compact, low-noise design

  • Fully automated

  • Oxygen purity: 93±2%

  • Maximum oxygen content: 48±3 LPM

  • Maximum pressure: 4 BAR

  • Weight: 300 kg (Weight may vary depending on configuration.)

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