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Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Medical oxygen generator

Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Bed console system

Ceiling pendant system

Medical clean room system for hospital

Interior equipment for the operating room

Nurse call system for hospitals

Hospital curtain, handrail system

Medical oxygen generator
(compact type)

Medical oxygen generator (compact type)

DUMED generator is specialized for limited size hospitals and geriatric hospitals. This equipment includes a small power generating compressor and a thruster with increased pressure.

  • Compact, low-noise design

  • Fully automated

  • Oxygen purity: 93±2%

  • Maximum oxygen content: 48±3 LPM

  • Maximum pressure: 4 BAR

  • Weight: 300 kg (Weight may vary depending on configuration.)

Medical Oxygen Generator

Medical Oxygen Generator (PSA)

  • 1

    Air Compressor : Air compressor is the equipment to produce compressed air.
    Compressed air is used for separating oxygen from air. In the process of compression, moisture and heat happen. To remove them, built-in or independent air dryer and after-cooler are necessary.

  • 2

    Air receiver Tank : Air receiver tank is the equipment to keep supplying compressed air of certain pressure to the oxygen generator stably. It is also for the purpose of handling the load of compressor properly.

  • 3

    Filter : Filter is used removing dust, particle and oil in the compressed air.

  • 4

    Deciccant air dryer : This is used for removing moisture by using adsorbent. It consists of two adsorbers and it has the repeated cycles of adsorption and regeneration.

  • 5

    Oxygen storage Tank : It is buffer (storange) tank to supply the processed oxygen with certain pressure, purity and flow.

  • 6

    PSA Generater : In order to separate the oxygen from the compressed air, ZMS(Zeolite Molecular Sieve) is used as adsorbent. O2 PSA system consist of pressurization, production, purge, equilibrium of pressure and regeneration.

  • 7

    LCP : LCP has control of the whole system into operation automatically or manually. It also indicates purity, pressure and flow of the produced oxygen.

  • 8

    Oxygen supply : The purity produced oxygen is 90~95% Flow and pressure depend on customer’s needs.

  • 9

    High pressure Compressor : It is a high pressure compressor to fill oxygen cylinders at 125~150BarG.

  • 10

    Manifold and Oxygen cylinder : Pipelines are designed to fill oxygen cylinders at the same time and cylinders are connected at the end of manifold.

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