Medical Gas System


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Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Medical air compressor system

Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Bed console system

Ceiling pendant system

Medical clean room system for hospital

Interior equipment for the operating room

Nurse call system for hospitals

Hospital curtain, handrail system

Medical gas system

Medical gas system

A medical compressed air system uses the highest quality of parts, which causes less failure and has excellent performance.
In addition, it is custom-made according to customer requirements, so convenient use is guaranteed. According to the driving method, it is divided into oil-free reciprocating type and scroll type.

  • A system that generates compressed air and supplies it to medical equipment through a pipe

  • Automatic operation within the air pressure range of 4 ~ 7 kg/㎤ by the operation of the pressure switch

  • Control panel, compressor, motor, valve, air dryer, aftercooler, storage tank

  • Minimal noise and vibration by vibration-proof design

  • Adopting high-precision bearings

  • Minimal maintenance costs

  • Compact yet full configuration and structure

  • High-efficiency intercooler

  • Certification standard : HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards

Air dryer

Air dryer

An air dryer increases the performance of the compressed air system by removing excess moisture from the air,
allowing the air to be dried to the extent necessary for the proper functioning of the end-use equipment.

  • Maintaining humidity properly in the air

  • Economical maintenance cost

Aftercooler and filter

Aftercooler and filter

The aftercooler cools the compressed air in the compressor and effectively reduces moisture.
The filter filters out contaminants step by step to provide clean compressed air to the patient.

  • Maximum pressure: 1.0 MPa * Operating temperature: 100 ℃ or less

  • Discharge air temperature: 40 ℃ or less

  • Water separator: Manually operated and discharged by auto drain (optional)

  • High efficiency and durability

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