Bed Head Unit


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Bed console system

Bed head unit

Main Machine Supplies for Medical Use

Bed console system

Ceiling pendant system

Medical clean room system for hospital

Interior equipment for the operating room

Nurse call system for hospitals

Hospital curtain, handrail system

Nouveau G
medical console

Bed Head Unit

Nouveau G medical console

It is a medical care device that integrates all the advantages of patient convenience and efficient treatment, and is a comprehensive medical product with equipment and parts.
An unprecedented medical console that offers flexibility, adaptability and expandability for essential life support services. The Nouveau G Series meets all hospital requirements.

  • A product capable of connecting medical gas supply equipment, etc. and connecting electrical outlets and medical equipment capable of checking the patient's condition

  • Switch, 220 V outlet, ground jack, currency magnet, nameplate, gas outlet, slide base, moulding

Design and comfort

Bed Head Unit
  • Special housing designed with the smooth lines of the overhead strip in mind

  • Easy access to the electrical outlet fixed on the sloping plate and excellent application of the plug

  • Efficient integrated lighting developed to maximize reflections without glare

  • Finish with white epoxy paint (excellent quality powder coating RAL9016)

Flexibility and maintenance

Bed Head Unit
  • Modular, expandable and functionally replaceable electric medical gas and lighting devices without capping

  • Lighting equipment easy to attach and detach the cover

  • Uninterrupted access to various medical gas outlets and supply lines without interruption to the electrical network (EN793 standard)

Hygiene and safety

Bed Head Unit
  • Sterile, smooth surface that prevents the accumulation of dust and germs

  • Safe, easy-to-clean, flat, smooth strip lightning top

  • Complete separation of oxygen and electric compartments

  • Ventilation of the medical oxygen section is efficient and visible, and each product complies with standards and specifications.

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